New Years

My family and I ventured to the eastern side of the state for New Years with some of the fam. The whole holiday was a return to my country side. While I wasn't raised on a farm, on the myspace surveys I score pretty high in the hick category. So it was a return.

First of all we completed the drive to find that we couldn't actually make it to where we were staying because snow had made the roads impassable. So Mom, Pops, Sis, Puppy, and I made and unplanned stop. The apartment was empty of food. Bummer.

The next day was spent waiting for the snow plow to make it through the roads. New Year's eve that is. Finally at about 3pm we were able to venture out into the wilderness. It took me back to my days on the Oregon Trail.

The night was spent eating, drinking, being merry, and was completed by swing dancing in the hay loft. And funny moments provided by multiple family members.

New Years really completed the whole experience though. I sledded twice. Once during the day, and once at night. At one point we were able to connect three sledding implements, pile seven people on, and hurl them all into a heap at the bottom of (or partway down) the hill. It was pretty amazing, and awesome!

Most of us are now moving like old people with random bruises across our bodies, and we weren't able to stay awake for a full movie. But it was so worth. Oh to be a kid again!


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  1. Wait, we had seven people on there? I just blogged and said six. I lied on accident. Oops. Glad you made it back out on the Oregon Trail - wouldn't have missed the swing dancing in the hay loft for anything - or much of what happened in it. Hahahaha - ah, two-stepping. I think I might need to relearn it :)