Train Travel to York

Today actually started with a run for me.  I had one more gift to pick up and decided to run to the store.
A little shot of York.
I don't really know how far it was, but I made it there, picked up the gift, and was back to the hotel in less than 25 minutes.  I'm trying to convince myself that the distance was longer that was reality so I can pretend I set a really good pace.
Excited to do a little people watching.
Otherwise, the morning was spent getting organized and packed (a.k.a. loading the suitcase back down).  We took a taxi to the train station, found out what platform we needed, and fought for a spot to sit and shove our luggage.
Afternoon tea, one of my favorite things.
Train travel itself, once one is seated, is probably the most relaxing way to go.  There was time for food, reading, and even a nap (not that I took one).
Add the tea room. Excited!
In York (much bigger than expected by the way--my mental image was a little off), we got checked in to our hotel, dropped off some laundry, and settled in.
A delicious pitcher of summer breeze.
Then we moved on to the important activities: tea, shopping, and adult beverages.  Yum!  We also strategized for tomorrow, and once again, our schedule is full.

(And look---pictures again!!!)


  1. WOW, that's a lovely tea. Very authentic...almost like you're actually in England. Fancy that! Yep, York's not a bump in the road, or even just a hole in the wall. Enjoy the walk around that, though.

    By the way, LOVED the photos from Scotland, Harry. You two are looking great!

  2. Scotland looks gorgeous. The weather looked excellent. I can't wait to see more photos on your trip!