Oxford and Indian dinner

Today we got up bright and early (a.k.a. 8am) to head off to Oxford to explore for the day.

Even though the weather report threatened rain last night, it was sunny and bright until after dinner this evening.

After our two-train trip (Stratford does not directly connect to many locations), we set off into Oxford to explore campus and get to know a little more about C.S. Lewis.
Used in Harry Potter--for realz.
We saw Christ Church College first, and then meandered our way to Magdalen College (where Lewis attended).  Unfortunately, many colleges around Oxford (of which there are 38) around Oxford were closed, probably due to final exams.  This included Merton College, which J.R.R Tolkien attended.
The cross was actually cut from the bottom of the altar.
Magdalen didn't open until 1pm, so instead we headed off to The Eagle & Child (or as Lewis and his cronies called it, the Bird & Baby) for lunch.

We waited in line and fought our way to a back corner table.  The place was very cozy and I could almost imagine the Inklings (the group Lewis and Tolkien met with there) gathered around a table with pints.

After lunch, we went back to Magdalen (pronounced maudlin) to explore.  The man at the desk gave us a student discount (neither of us were smart enough to bring our ID cards with us) and a pamphlet to guide us.

The college was gorgeous and very well manicured.  It was also fun to see students passing by or relaxing on the lawn. We were tempted to rent a punt on the river, but decided we weren't quite prepared for it (mentally or otherwise).

We walked back through town to the train station.  Back in Stratford, we dropped off our things in the hotel and were off for dinner.  All this pub food left us wanting something different and we settled on Indian food, thanks to a recommendation by Mr. Steves.
So much food!
Avon Spice featured a £10.59 special, with a starter, main dish, selection of rice, and nan.  The service was amazing (probably because we were one of two tables there).  They pulled out our chairs, put our napkins into our laps, and dished our food.  I kid you not.  Also, our bill came with complimentary shots. (SN: The butter chicken was a little--okay, a lot--on the sweet side.)
The Royal Shakespeare Company theatre.
After dinner, we walked down to the river, dodging a few rain drops here and there.  Now we're back "home" for the evening, relaxing, catching up on correspondence, and figuring out our plan of attack for tomorrow.

It's time for London!


  1. You guys are seriously nonstop! I have no idea how I'd ever be able to catch up!

    And heeeeeyyyy... complimentary shots with the bill? That is a fantastic idea! Way to secure a good tip! ;)

  2. Love that you walked the steps of CSL today. FYI, he attended University College and was a tutor (the English equivalent of teacher) at Magdalen. It looks like it was a gorgeous day. And the Indian food a great topper!

  3. You guys are all over the place! Loving the play-by-play. It all looks stunning.

    A Foreign Land

  4. Using your photos and trip reports in preparation for my own trip next year. Thank you!