Is this real life?

This evening it hit me that I have just a few days (3!) before I'm headed on my grand adventure.  Of course I've been aware of the trip since I found out, but it finally felt real.

And then I freaked.  A little.  On the inside.

Because I was trying to pack and then it my mind is going, "This is all you are going to have for 5 weeks so choose wisely, but make sure it fits and it isn't too heavy.  You want to look cute but your feet need to last the whole time.  Don't forget you have presents to buy and carry with you.  Oh, and the weather might do anything.  Chew on that for a while and maybe we'll repack tomorrow."

That was just the first 5 seconds.

It doesn't help that I've been reading Rick Steves*, traveler extraordinaire.  Mr. I'm-going-pack-5-shirts-and-one-pair-of-pants.  Don't worry though, a scarf will make your zip off REI pants seem very fashionable.  Plus you'll save those precious minutes leaving the airport with your carry-on while everyone waits for the carousel to start up.

That's enough time to stop by the foreign supermarket and have an adventure finding toothpaste that doesn't look like toothpaste.  See how much time you saved?

Thanks Rick.

I'm trying to pack light, really.  Yet I still have 5 pairs of shoes coming.  It's a disease.  But 5 weeks is a long time and I could face any combination of weather patterns, especially considering the type of spring it's been.

Plus, I don't want me feet to die. (I was going to correct "me" to "my" but I enjoyed it too much.)

We're also staying in some pretty nice places, like the Chesterfield in London.  It's located in Mayfair just a few blocks from Hyde Park, which according to the historical romance novels I've read is where the rich, titled, and eligible bachelors live.

If I really want to get something (a.k.a. a fancy husband) out of this trip, I need to be prepared.  I'm pretty sure the scarf Rick told me to pack will do the trick.  Plus, I have the advantage of being "provincial."  (Isn't that what people from the colonies are called?  Mom?)

In case you can't tell, I should probably be sleeping (or re-packing).  But I'm easily distracted and there's something so cathartic about blogging though.

The real pressing issue for me with this whole is the fact that I get home and have 14 days left on my parents insurance.  And I hadn't made any appointments until this week.  That means I don't get into the dentist until July 22.  Fingers crossed there aren't any cavities to fill 'cuz there won't be time.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.  I think I've lost my steam for now.

*For the record, I don't hate Rick Steves.  He has a lot of helpful information and he definitely knows a lot of places very well.  Some of his ideas...let's just call them silly, in my opinion (it is my blog after all).


  1. obviously you won't have to deal with the toothpaste problem since it's called "toothpaste" in the UK as well. :))

    And.. I know you know this, but comfortable shoes are a traveler's best friend!

  2. you'll be fine - England isn't that much of a culture shock i promise. We're all lovely (just remember what you call beer we call lager and what we call beer is much, much nicer and you'll be grand)

  3. 5 pairs of shoes for 5 weeks is still cutting back. Or at least in my opinion... :p

  4. rick steves is awesommmme we've done some cool things because of him! i can't wait to hear how this much awaited trip goes, it will be so amazing!

  5. We'll keep your other four dozen pairs of shoes safe for you here...well, not too safe. Your little sister (with exactly the same size feet--how's that for perfect planning on your parents' part?) will take a few out for a walk or two...just to keep them from getting fat and lazy while you're gone. Yeah, a mere five pairs is a diet for you.