Day 2 in Dingle

Yesterday morning, after you last heard from me via the internet cafe (by the way, our B&B had internet access the whole time...I'm a genius), we decided to explore the area a little, starting with a walk to the harbor mouth.
Mouth of Dingle Harbor, sans Fungie
Dingle has a dolphin, Fungie, who has lived at the harbor mouth since 1983.  He still surfaces to visit the frequent trips by tourist boats.  We unfortunately didn't spot him.
That say "Hi family!" 
Next we headed out the "highway" (a.k.a. small, narrow road along the coast) towards Slea Head, the point of Europe closest to North America.  We stopped along the way at beehive huts, a farmer's cottage abandoned in the famine, the fields where Lord Ventry killed all the people (Far and Away), and Slea Head itself.
Beehive hut, originally inhabited by monks escaping persecution in continental Europe.
Irish pony at the famine farm. He tried to eat Christine's coat and was sorely disappointed.
After a stop at the B&B for a quick rest, we headed back to Dingle.  We did a little touristy shopping, at dinner at a pub, followed Rick Steve's historical walk around the town (I was such an informative tour guide), head some delicious hot cocoa, and stopped by a few pubs for music and beer.
Dinner at the pub.
I ended up drinking two pints of Guinness (one came with my dinner special) and a pint of cider over the course of the evening.  And Christine had a beer-based drink she actually liked, Carlsberg with 7-Up.
Look what the bartender poured into my Guinness.  A good pour is a work of art.
We made it back to the B&B for the night, but woke up feeling a little exhausted.  Little did we know what the day had in store (stay tuned for that update coming up shortly.)!

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  1. I sort of love the beer art. It's like coffee art. I need to learn cool tricks like this. Resume builder???