Bath and Salisbury

Today was our last full day in Great Britain, which is crazy!  We had saved our day trip out of London for today, and it ended up being very fortuitous, as the weather finally became summer-like and being in the city would have been a bit miserable.

Before we could get to Bath, we had to get through a series of unfortunate events.  First, the hotel staff looked rather scared when we asked if breakfast had started yet (it was 7am and breakfast apparently starts at 7:30am).  Then we had almost made it to the tube when I realized I didn't have my tube pass (though it may have actually been in my bag) or my BritRail pass (most definitely in our room).  Next, the underground station we needed was closed due to flooding.  However, when we turned around, it was open in the other direction.  Needless to say, we caught the train an hour later than planned.

The train out to Bath took an hour and a half, allowing us to sit back, relax, and read a little.  Once in Bath, we found our ways to the Tourist Center and purchased tickets to the Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum.  Both had audio tours that were informative and interesting but very different features.
In our wide skirts and corsets--sorry for the blurriness!
Our time at the Fashion Museum was disrupted by a fire alarm and power outage.  Luckily no one was actually in danger, but we spent quite a lot of time sitting around outside with the National Osteoporosis Society.  We were also lucky enough to claim a corner of shade early on, though perhaps we should have offered it up to our elders.

Between the Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum, we had sushi, a fun change from most of the food we've been consuming on the trip.  I'd show you pictures, but I ate mine too quickly.

From Bath, we took the train an hour to Salisbury.  In Salisbury we walked to the gorgeous cathedral.  It was really beautiful (and quite wonderfully cool inside).  We finished the trip with a dinner in Salisbury, complete with a glass of cider.
Our last train ride together! :(
The trip back to London was quite successful (no mishaps) and now it's time to pack.  I'm off to Helsinki tomorrow for a fun two weeks with family.  I don't promise updates every day, but I will do my best to keep you informed.


  1. I love the wide skirts! So cool. It sounds like you guys have had such a great trip! I can't wait to hear about Helsinki!

  2. I wish I could just tour the cathedrals in Europe! Have fun with the fam!

  3. I'm vicariously living my travel dream through your blog posts. It sounds like you are have a lot of fun!