London Ahoy! (also: Warwick Castle)

We made it to London this afternoon.  Let me just say that traveling by train with a 50lb suitcase--not so much fun, especially in the small train stations without lifts (a.k.a. elevators).

After a quick breakfast in Stratford, we caught a train to Warwick and then a taxi to Warwick Castle.  After wrestling our luggage into a couple lockers in the parking lot, we set off to explore.  While the castle was interesting, very well maintained, and extensive, it was also expensive. 

Both of us decided it wasn't worth the money, especially with many of the other castles we've seen along the way.  However, it would be a great castle to take kids to, with many different fun activities.

We hopped back in a taxi and onto the train for London.  The train unfortunately did not have proper luggage racks, so Christine and I ended up sitting cars apart where we could find space to sit with our luggage.  I finished Sense and Sensibility, and made it partway through Pride and Prejudice (I'm working through Jane Austen) on the way into town.
See--fancy schmancy.
Once in London, we hailed a cab to our hotel and checked in--to the fanciest place I've ever stayed.  If only I could truly do this beauty justice.  As I told my dad in an email this evening, I feel as though I need a new wardrobe just to stay here.

After situating ourselves slightly, we set off to catch the hop-on, hop-off bus around London.  This was a great way to find some of the most famous sights and orient ourselves.  (Insert many stereotypical London photos here.)

Our plan after the bus (which ended up being almost 4 hours with traffic and construction) was to go to the Hardrock for dinner.  However, the wait was 2 hours!  Instead, we settled on a little place just a couple blocks from our hotel.  The food and service were good. 

We made it home in time to unpack, plan out tomorrow, and collapse into bed--or in my case write emails and blog posts.  Tomorrow night we are headed to see Billy Elliot, so this may be the last you hear from me for a few days.  Hard to know for sure though!


  1. Oooh! Love your stereotypical photos :)
    And ha! I totally know that feeling, of feeling like you need a new wardrobe in a fancy hotel.
    I've been debating reading Jane Austen. Sounds like you recommend it?
    Have fuuuun!

  2. E- any notes on the Cambridge/Oxford/Thames/Henley rowing scene??


  3. Lovin' the pictures of London!

  4. gosh, you are having the time of your life!!! i just got caught up! london is my favorite city i think :)