A "Lazy" Saturday in London

I say "lazy" because even though we didn't have much planned, Christine and I still managed to do a lot of walking.

After sleeping in and having breakfast in our room, we headed off for Portobello Market in Knotting Hill.  Yes, like the movie.  It was packed!  The street was lined with shops and booths, and the crowds were out in force.  We both got a few goodies, but didn't nearly have the time or patience to really sort through the goods.

Once we fought our way back to the Tube station, we headed towards Harrods and tea at The Capitol Hotel.  I picked up a few French Macarons from Harrods (to sample as we travel on the train tomorrow).  Then we had tea in a small room on the second floor of the hotel.  It was nice to relax and be quiet.  We even got tea sandwiches twice.  The waiter was so nice.

Following tea, we headed to Harrods to take things in.  They had a big sale going on, so things were more crazy than usual.  Plus, you may not be aware of this, but Wimbledon is happening, so there are even more people in town than usual.  We saw the food halls, visited the toy area and the pet area (the puppies were so cute/sad), and the Princess Di memorial (her boyfriend's father was the previous owner of Harrods--he sold the store just in the past couple years).

We made it back to our hotel, got takeout from an Indian restaurant up the street, and are now settled in for the evening.  It's going to be an early day tomorrow as we are headed to Bath and Salisbury. 

Also, I don't have any pictures from today.  Sorry!  I'm a slacker.

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  1. What kind of sandwiches were the tea sandwiches?
    How were the Macarons?!
    I heard Indian Food in London is amazing, is it true?
    Haha, I'm such a foodie. Can't wait to read about Bath and Salisbury. :)