Excitement and Exhaustion

We've made it to Ireland!  After a lovely 24 hours of travel, we landed in Shannon, Ireland yesterday morning.  Of course, we still had hours before we reached Dingle, but we were there.

After a quick trip through customs (the agent asked me how long I was staying), a definite bonus of a smaller airport, we picked up our rental car and commenced with driving on the left side of the road.  And I only had to put down a damage deposit of €1500.

The drive took about three hours and we only got lost once.  After a short nap to keep us from expiring, Christine and I went down to the beach in Ventry.  The sun was actually out and we walked around before heading to dinner at The Skipper.

After that, we went into Dingle for a concert.  The music was gorgeous and fun.  We even stayed awake the whole time.  After a quick cup of tea back at the bed and breakfast, we conked out for a solid 9.5 hours of sleep.

Today started off with a hearty breakfast.  We're back in Dingle to use the internet, explore the town and pick up food before we take off to drive along the coast.  Just to keep things interesting, I thought I'd include a few pictures from the trip so far.  Unfortunately, I don't have any from our drive, as I was busy keeping two hands on the wheel and staying between the very narrow lines.

 The view from our room at the bed and breakfast.
 Christine on the beach with Ventry in the background.
 Shot of us together...this is on 6 hours of sleep in about 50 hours.
 The town of Dingle!!!
A shot at the concert last night.


  1. Ok, now I know you aren't faking it. You really are in Ireland. And you look pretty good (though slightly pale) for all that travel!

  2. the pics are awesome to see, this is so fun that you are there, enjoy it!!!!

  3. gah! ive always wanted to see ireland....after india its at the top of my list :)