Pictures from Scotland

 I'm doing one big photo dump from Scotland now that I can.  I've just pretty much divided them up by location, and will include a few descriptions. 

Let me know if you have any questions.  And if you get bored and don't look at them all, I totally understand.

Headed off to explore.
Edinburgh Castle.
And I look like a ghost.
Cowgate--which I found hilarious!
Beer that was fermented in whiskey. Yum.
Loved the cabs in Edinburgh!
Me with the Royal Mile in the background.
A shot down Princes St.
Home sweet home in Edinburgh.
Random parade by the train station.
St. Andrews:
Lunchtime. No royal sightings though.
The St. Andrews cathedral ruins and cemetary.
Out on the pier and loving the sun!
Walking along the waterfront--look, bare arms!
University of St. Andrews Cathedral.
Golf! Fore!
 Edinburgh, Day 2:
In front of the castle, thanks friendly tourist for taking the shot!
Overlooking Edinburgh.
One of the few Scots we saw in kilts. Wait...
Me, keeping an eye out for the enemy.
My fearless tour guide.
Scottish War Memorial.
Still exploring the Castle and keeping the people safe.
Scottish Parliament. Pretty awesome building.  (Not from years ago, by the way.)
Back of Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Cathedral ruins. (Pictures weren't allowed inside.)
The entrance to Holyrood.
Walking to dinner.
Lunch! My salad involved goat cheese, butternut squash, courgette, lentils, broad beans, and mint.
The hills around Loch Ness.
The only glimpse of Loch Ness on our nature walk. It's that white speck through the trees.
Annoyed that a river stands between us and a sighting of the loch.
A quick chat with a local on the way back to catch the bus.

One last scenic shot by the loch.  The highlands were gorgeous!

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