Summer Lovin'

Today is one I'm calling an ultimate summer break.  And I didn't even spend time laying in the sun/swimming in water.

But that didn't even matter.

I may have mentioned before that my uncle is visiting for a few weeks from Finland.  Which is kind of a long ways from here.

As a part of his trip to the states, he always tries to do a little shopping.  My dad (this uncle is his brother) comes from a family of large (giant) men.  At 6'7", my dad is the shortest brother.  Ridiculous.

Needless to say, it's always a little difficult for them to find clothing that fits well.

To "help" him with his shopping goals, my parents and I took him to the outlets just north of Seattle.  Today was supposed to be a record-breaker in terms of heat and I could imagine no better way of spending it than popping in and out of air conditioned stores.

Prior to shopping, we ensured high energy levels by taking a meal at a wonderful italian restaurant.  My mom and I shared a cranberry mimosa salad with pistachios, and a pizza.  I will definitely have to recreate that sometime.

At the outlets, I "helped" my uncle at Banana Republic.  All their dresses were 40% off.  I went a little crazy, but in a very cute way.

Plus, the new apparel was a motivator for getting me to the gym this evening when we made it home.  That and the fact that 90-ish degrees is a little too warm for an outdoor run.  I just had not consumed enough water for that kind of exertion.

Now I'm home, sweating and satisfied, sipping on a Corona with lime.

It's a good day.  In every way except in terms of my bank account.

And maybe if I get my act together I might even get some pictures of my dresses up on the blog in the coming days.

Don't count on it.


  1. I have yet to experience those outlets! I've heard both good and bad things. I'd love to see your dresses!

    I'm definitely using this heat as a motivator to get my ass to the air conditioned gym. My apartment is MISERABLE! I went for 2 hours yesterday, but today I decided to walk around Target instead :-P I'm now drinking chilled white wine with a fan blowing in my face.

  2. I think that's funny... my brother is 6'6ish and I have to help him all the time. Although I really have no idea what I'm doing when in the big and tall section, but whatevs... I usually reward all my hard work as a good sister by "helping" myself shop as well.