Summer Fashion Week: Day 6

I folded and took pictures of Saturday's outfit the night before again.  I know, I'm a cheater.

But the reality is that I probably won't put it on until sometime mid-afternoon.

I have to mow lawns again in the morning (which means another cut-off t-shirt and basketball shorts combo) and then my grandpa is having a "party."  That means we're going out to eat at Olive Garden, his favorite place in the world!

My uncle is leaving Bellingham tomorrow.  He's been visiting from Finland and while he doesn't fly out until later in the week, he won't be spending the rest of the time with us.

I have two versions of today's outfit.  The only thing that actually changes is the shoes.  And I actually wore the more casual version to have martinis with my bff, CeCe.

Without further ado, here is Saturday:
While it may be cheating to take the pictures the day before, how can you fault the chance to catch the amazing setting sun.  We have the most gorgeous view from the front patio, too.
CeCe took the pictures for me tonight and she insisted on capturing the lace of the tank under my sweater.  Plus you get a better view of my shoes.  And the shorts that roll up and cuff, with a button on the side.
One more shot of the shoes, which for me have been the focus of the week.  Sorry Mom, I just couldn't do only flats/casual shoes tonight.  I can't help myself.
One thing I have really appreciated about this week is that I have rediscovered things in my life.  This jewelry is the perfect example.  I had totally forgotten about this necklace and ring (which is really awesome multi-stranded and can be "redesigned" however you like).

Saturday's line-up:
shirt - Banana Republic (as if it would be an outfit with out something from there)
tank - eyeshadow (Macy's)
shorts - J Crew
shoes - Report, from who knows how long ago
necklace & ring - family heirlooms, from my grandma

(I just realized how preppy all these brands make me sound.  Who knew?)

Thanks for visiting my blog and head on over to Emery's blog to see what all the other gorgeous participants are wearing!


  1. I love the outfit and the sunset. The red shoes are special (OK, I am REALLY into red shoes in general :-)).

    And good idea with the laces, it looks special.

  2. so cute! isn't it amazing how shoes can change an entire outfit? it's like magic!! :)

  3. That sunset is amazing! And the color of your shirt is so beautiful and you paired it perfectly with those shorts. Love it!

  4. I like the red chucks! those are sweet and still give it a feminine feel.

    also, your blog header is awesome!

  5. ooh I love the blog header! And the adorable shoes (both of them!). Where did you you get martinis? Poppes?

  6. I love the little lacy accent. Props to your girlfriend for capturing it!

  7. I was just saying how much I wanted a pair of chucks. Yours are adorable.

    That pic on your blog header is really great!

  8. Okay, I'm just going to re-iterate everything everyone already said:

    Your blog header is great!

    That sunset is beautiful.

    The red shoes are rockin'.

    The reposition ring is so cool, I kind of wish it wasn't an heirloom so you could tell me where you got it. But I'm happy it's a heirloom, because that makes it special for you!

  9. I love the coral/salmon color with the brown. too cute!

  10. Shoes definitely affect the outfit, making it dressy or casual. So fun! And I love that you changed your blog to look like mine! Looks fab :)

  11. That's really cool how much your shoes change up the outfit. And I like seeing your lovely self with the sunset behind you! Can't wait to see what you post tomorrow!

  12. love, love love it! totally inspires me to check out all my long lost jewelry! i seem to wear the same pieces all the time! love how you paired the shorts with the heels!!!!

  13. that color looks so great on you. love the pic with the sun setting in your hair.