Summer Fashion Week: Day 4

Today has me working in the morning (i.e. mowing lawns) and running down to Seattle for an evening meeting.

Because of a somewhat tight schedule, I planned ahead and took pictures of my outfit last night.  Then I watched the news and saw that it was actually going to be warm tomorrow, with a high of 80.

So if I end up going with a different outfit for the meeting, I'll post that as well.

And I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not, but I'm a shoe addict.  In fact, most of my outfits I'm more worried about what I'm wearing with a certain pair of shoes than what clothes I'm wearing.  And accessories are really only an afterthought for me.

Thursday "Nice" Outfit, Version 1.0:
Try to see past the various shadows to the clothes; the sun was in full "set" mode when these pictures were taken.  (Shout out to my mom for playing photographer this week!)
This is an awkward pose all around.  I'm trying to show of the shoes a little and keep the squinting to a minimum.

Also, this is the end of the day so my hair is grungy and my makeup is nonexistent.  Tomorrow I will probably have my hair down.
The crowning glory of the outfit (in my opinion), my shoes.  I love these babies.  But I think I've said that about every pair you've seen.
And finally, the lone accessory, filagree tear drop earrings.

Thursday's line-up:
shirt - Calvin Klein, gift from Mom
pants - Banana Republic
shoes - Steve Madden
earrings - gift from Mom


  1. I love filigree earrings, I have a pair that has a quetzal bird design from Guatemala, but I haven't worn them yet. I'm a fan of the shoes too!

  2. It all looks great. Especially the shoes ;)

  3. Oooooooh, those shoes are amazing!

  4. Cute! And I love those shoes. Love love love them.

  5. Ooh, I almost bought those shoes! Why did I pass them up?! You look great.

  6. you *should* love those shoes. they're great.

  7. I never have the guts to actually get the cute shoes I see around. I get my basics and stick with those but you've been inspiring me every day with your amazing footwear. Maybe I'll change my ways.

  8. you sound a lot like me - LOVE shoes, and accessories are kind of an afterthought. i love the second photo here. it's perfect and those shoes are definitely FAB!

  9. When you first showed a picture of those shoes a while ago, I thought I'd get my toes amputated just to fit into some myself. I'm so jealous! :)