Summer Fashion Week: Day 3

I had a super exciting morning...a visit to the doctor for an annual checkup.  Although I'm pretty sure it's been more like 2 years since I last week.

Because of that I wanted an outfit that was easy to get in and out of.  No unnecessary layers, zippers or buttons.

So I went with a dress I got last week in my spree at Banana Republic (unlike many of the ladies taking part in fashion week, I have not yet mastered the art of thrifting).  I'm pretty sure this dress falls in the beach/cover up category, but I'll definitely be using it for more than that.

Also, I have an obsession with heels, but don't often get a chance to wear.  What better than a visit to the doctor's to bust them out.

Wednesday's outfit:
The quintessential self portrait in the mirror.  I was struggling to find shots I actually liked today.  Lighting and I were locked in some sort of mortal battle.
The earrings for the day (which are a light green-hard to see, I know.) and the side detailing on my glasses, which I love, love, love!
View #1 of my shoes.
A shot of my shoes and purse together.  The prints are so fun.  The picture didn't make it into the full-length shot I went with, but I definitely used it throughout the day.  Try to ignore the fact that my legs are in desperate need of lotioning.

The line-up:
Dress - Banana Republic
Shoes - Reaction by Kenneth Cole (from DSW, my happy place)
Earrings - a gift from my mom, I think
Purse - Hold My Bag (off of Etsy), my mom got it for me in a place of a bag she couldn't figure out how to make me

Head here to see what everyone else is wearing today.  Thanks for the comments, too!  And the inspiration you all are giving me.


  1. CUTE! Love those shoes! (And the whole outfit)

  2. Love those shoes... if my husband wasn't already shorter than me, I would seek them out!

  3. Thanks for the comment! Just love those shoes and the bag together! I am also a fan of Banana Republic and even more of a fan when I get it a thrift store!

  4. Great line up! You're right, the doctor's office is perfect for wearing heels too. I should probably see a doctor sometime soon, haven't had a real check up for 2 years now. Oops!

  5. I love the detail on the sides of your glasses! And the bag is fantastic.

  6. I totally love your outfits and your heels! Where in the world did you get them? I really like heels that are a little different from ordinary shoes. They give you a different look and let you experiment with differnt styles.

  7. Ooh I love the shoes! I love heels too and I'm happy I get to wear them every day - except when I get home, then I'm happy to take them off. :)

  8. What cute shoes! I'm so glad you wore them to the doctors. I read a quote somewhere about not saving your 'cute' clothes/accessories, etc for a special day because you'll just waste them. So whipping out your high heels for the doctors is a perfect example of that!

  9. Isn't DSW a little piece of heaven here on Earth? Those shoes are proof!