Obligatory Weather Post

I cannot even contain my excitement right now.

Even though summer officially started a couple weeks ago, it's been nothing like summer around here.

We've been bundled up in sweatshirts and socks.  My down comforter is still on my bed.  I kid you not.

I've heard rumors of summer in all other parts of the country.  And people have the nerve to complain about the heat.

But the sunshine is finally here!

You won't find me complaining about heat.  That's for sure.

The other bonus (at least I think so) of the sunny, dry summer weather is that the grass will stop growing so much.  That means I will actually have time for fun stuff. 

I plan to take full advantage of the sunshine.


  1. I am SO excited it's finally warming up! Summer always seems to start right around July 5th.

  2. Hurray for the heat! Though it's like -50 in my office. So I can't wear my summer dresses or any summer clothes. I layer a tank top under everything so I can pull off my coat and sweaters after I leave the office. It's ridiculous.

    But I love Seattle in the summer, so refreshing.