A Golden Day

It's my birthday!  My golden birthday!

(And now I want to break out in song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Can you guess which one?)

It's been a great birthday weekend.  I did a quick camping trip with a couple friends (which I plan on blogging about more later).  I got some work in.  I had a great meal out and some great gifts.

I also have a planned trip to Idaho to lay by the water at a friend's lakehouse.  And maybe a few more gifts in my future.

One thing my mom gave me last week was a box with notes, letters and cards from when I was born.  It was a treasure trove and I thought I'd share a little of what I found.

There were cards (that accompanied flowers at the time) from my dad.  He had to leave the same day I was born to go work at basketball camp.  It's no wonder that basketball is in my blood.

There was a prayer from my grandmother, my mom's mom.  I ended up being born 3 weeks late and everyone was very worried in the days (and weeks) leading up to my birth.

My great grandmother, again on my mother's side, also wrote me a letter.  Even though she died a number of years ago, I could practically hear her speaking.

My Aunt Laurie also wrote me a letter.  It was just like her, funny, sarcastic and totally real.

And there were more cards than I could count, from friends, family member, and some from names I didn't even recognize.

It was cool to step back in time, 25 years, to when I was born.


  1. That's awesome! Happy birthday! :)

  2. What a great idea! Reminds me of a huge scrapbook my friend gave me when we graduated high school. It had all these photos and notes and ticket stubs from our time together. Totally sweet.

  3. that is such a neat idea. cuute. & happy birthday!

  4. PS: Don't tell your siblings there's no such box awaiting them in their future. Ah, the advantages of being born first.