Just the 3 of us

I have been home alone with the dogs now for 4 days.  And I'm pretty sure the dogs are bored with me.

Every time I walk through the door the continue to look out as if willing someone else, anyone else to come home.

They also don't seem to believe in sleep.  The first night, Jamaica, our springer spaniel decided that 2:30am was an appropriate time to get up.  Last night she had no interest in going to bed.  What she did have interest in was being petted and laying on my chest.

Jamaica also is no longer satisfied with only having me to play fetch with her.  She'll go outside with a tennis ball, but it seems to be more out of habit than interest because rarely does she offer it to me more than once or twice to throw.

I arrived home this afternoon to discover someone, I'm not sure which yet, ate an unknown quantity of chocolate.  I'm less worried about their health and more worried about the hyperness I'll have to deal with.

That may sound callous, but we're no stranger to dogs consuming chocolate in these parts (without any adverse health reactions) and it was only Hershey's, which probably has more wax than chocolate in it.

All that aside, I really do love our dogs.  And I feel much safer at night with them here than if I were by myself.  Especially since everyone has left us, they feel the need to be on high alert.

If you hear barking, it's my dogs noticing some sort of potential danger (real or imagined).

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  1. I wish I had a dog! Though I don't think I could take it. I hate being woken up in the middle of the night. I'd freak out if a dog jumped on me while I was sleeping. Eek!