Summer Fashion Week: Day 5

Today I'm cheating a little bit.  The only thing on the schedule for the day is working (a.k.a. mowing lawns), but I still wanted to show you a fun outfit.

This outfit was actually worn last month to my cousin Laura's wedding rehearsal and dinner.  But I had to show it, first of all because the shoes are AMAZING and because it was one of the outfits that came together without me even having to try.

I had the shoes but didn't have a clue what to wear with them.  But I knew I just had to wear them, especially since Laura's colors were blue (although a lighter shade) and silver.

A quick stop at the outlets and magic happens.

Today's outfit (really from early June):
Don't mind me being blinded by the sun.  The good morning light happens here hours before I want or need to wake up.
All the goodies from the outfit.  I know, it's a little bit matchy-matchy.

The line-up:
dress - GAP outlet
belt - Wilson's Leather outlet
shoes - Seychelles (Piperlime)
necklace - Silpada, bridesmaid gift

And finally since work is what actually is happening today, I thought I'd show you that "outfit" as well.
Let's mow some grass!

Head over to Emery's blog to see what all the other ladies are looking snazzy in today.  Also, thanks so much for all the comments.  They have made the week absolutely amazing!


  1. Wow, I can't believe how perfect that skirt and those heels go together. This is a GREAT outfit!

  2. I can't believe how this blue's are all melting together, this looks so good.

    Such a special outfit, really.

    ... and why is it always us girls that are doing the lawn?!?

  3. I love how much you focus on the shoes, they are the most important feature of an outfit after all!

    I have a pair of round top red pumps that I absolutely love but have only worn once or twice in 2 years. Ah well.

  4. those shoes! so hot!

    I love the lawn mower photo! that's cracking me up!

  5. Cute! And I WANT those shoes. They're amazing.

  6. i kinda like your mower picture. would like to see what you're wearing there, too. i mean, women always think about what they're putting on. so even outfits for mowing grass somehow become outfits. :)

    and yes, the shoes are EPIC.

  7. Absolutely fabulous color in that dress, and the shoes, positively awesome! I can totally relate to you and the picture of what life is "really" looking like! I've been painting in our backyard for the past two weeks!

  8. Amazing shoes - they are delightful!

  9. Yay! We're blue buddies! Love the detail on those shoes!

  10. Those shoes are fabulous! Great outfit :)