Feeling Olympic, for realz.

Yesterday, I headed up to Vancouver with a few friends.

We stopped by Value Village for a couple American flags then set off for the border with post-it note directions and a lot of anticipation.

After a grilling by the border guard (no, we aren't terrorists), a pit stop for bathrooms, and a ride on the seabus, we were downtown.

Thanks to the semifinal hockey game (Canada v. Slovakia), the city was packed with lines out doors and bars filled to capacity.

After grabbing a bite to eat and a brewski at a cafe and catching the end of the women's curling match, we set off with a map of the festivities thanks to our new friends from Manitoba.

We were desperate to be a part of the action with the hockey game, and finally stumbled across a club called Caprice that was playing the game on the big screen.  It's line was remarkably short and it's atmosphere electric.

Now, I'm not really the biggest hockey fan.  I've been to one game in person, and have never really gotten it.

But watching the game up in Vancouver with a few hundred really passionate (and slightly intoxicated) fans was amazing.  At the end of the game everyone poured into the streets.  High-fives were running rampant.  Flags were waving everywhere.

It was pretty much amazing.

To top off the night, we walked to the cauldron to check it out.  It's fenced off like a high-security prison.  I'm not sure what they are afraid of happening, but better safe than sorry, I suppose.

Even though I didn't make it to an actual event, it was awesome to be in a host city for the Olympics.  Who knows if it will ever happen again.

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