That Girl From Signs

My effort to be healthy has turned me into the girl from Signs.  

I decided one major step I could take in reaching the pinnacle of personal health was to drink more water.

Previously, my water drinking habits had been limited to during workouts for a reason to take a break and at meals out as a cost cutting measure.

I'm not sure if I've been drinking all that much more water recently, but there a lot more half-filled water glasses laying around than usual.

Unfortunately for me, the glasses probably won't be saving my life since almost all of them are plastic (It's much safer that way when I'm stumbling around late at night to use the restroom due to my increased water intake.).

Although it may be possible that I could distract the aliens long enough to get my tinfoil hat on, thereby ensuring my brain will be preserved for scientific studies.

And on the plus side, there seems to be a lot more room in the cupboard.  It's like when you get a bunch of clothes dirty and you can finally fit all the clean ones into the dresser.

Oh, the small victories.

Speaking of the health movement, the motivation has been lacking recently.  

I haven't actually been to the gym since Monday (the horrors!) and my "balanced diet" has involved multiple homemade chocolate chip cookies a day (I mean, how could I not?!).

I eat what I want.

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