Long Road Home

Yesterday I had to leave my friend's wedding slightly early. I wasn't happy about it, but I had a long drive, by myself, and work in the morning.

Luckily the weather did hold off for the outdoor ceremony. I'm not sure what we would have done--gathered at the dinner tables.

The weather forecast had called for showers and thunderstorms, and for once was actually correct. Fun! Unless you and waiting in line outside for the buffet or trying to drive.

As fate would have it, the storms came right after the appetizer hour as we were all standing in line for dinner, leaving tree wreckage littering the lawn.

The wind blew like crazy, dust flew at high speeds through the air, the table cloth was almost ripped off the buffet table, and I just missed flashing the wedding guests as I walked inside with food (this was a common theme for me).

Even better, though, was the double rainbow. How lovely. The storms, clouds, and sun also made for some lovely scenery.

So I did what any responsible person would do and took pictures as I drove. I swear I only crossed the line a couple times.

What can I say? It was too beautiful to pass up.

In case you can't tell, I am making my way closer to the next set of storm clouds. Finally I pulled over to take a few quick pics from the side of the freeway as all my attempts from the driver's seat had completely failed.

Not only did I get a couple great photos, but I also flashed the passing cars as I got in and out of my car. I wasn't actually sure weather the dress would make it back into the car with me.

Less than a minute after I pulled back onto the road, I was in the heart of the storm.

Visibility was pretty high and I was reminded that I should probably get new tires before too long. Can you say hydroplane?

The wind carried on for the rest of my trip home. I also managed to flash the good people of the Moses Lake Shell Station.

But that was my last stop and the only thing that slowed me down from the point on was steep grades--coming up the hill from the river I had my pedal to the floor for over ten minutes and managed to decelerate almost 20 mph (granted I may have been speeding before, but...).

I made it home though, and that's what counts, almost exactly six hours after I left the reception in the middle of nowhere.

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