My Little Room

When I finally started working again last February, after months of not, I was faced with a dilemma of housing proportions.

To leave or not to leave the parent's abode.

I stayed.

Some of you are probably in utter shock about this choice, maybe, but it was made with good (mostly) reason. I swear.

Reason #1 was a minor-ish credit card balance. Probably not surprising after a few months of not working, but something that couldn't (and wasn't) be ignored.

Reason #2 was a number of other bills (car loan, student loan, storage unit, etc.) that needed to be paid each month. Those things add up, more quickly than I'd like.

Plus, by not having rent over the course of the next year-ish, I can hopefully eliminate some of those payments by paying things off.

Reason #3 is that I want to put myself in a good position when I do start my career, make a big move, etc. I've already managed to put a nice little sum away in savings (although part of it will be used over the next month and a half until work starts back up).

Reason #4 is that I will have the freedom to travel some and enjoy life. While the spring was crazy between work and work, I've taken and will continue to take advantage of the free time summer brings. I went to the land of the Rockies, east of the mountains (twice already with another trip planned), and in two days I will board a plane for Costa Rica!!!

So I am living with my padres. And loving (almost) every minute of it.

There are definitely disadvantages (i.e. trying to fit all my stuff into one room), but the advantages far outweigh those.

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