On Tuesday I was attacked by mosquitoes while weeding in our backyard.

I had bites (and still have them) on my back, side, and arm. One of them reached the size of quarter, so I decided it was time to take action.

Unfortunately I chose taking Benadryl as my cure, and let me just say, "Bad idea!"


It would have been fine if I hadn't had to get up for work the next morning. But I had work and was really confused by my alarm the next morning.

I guess I'll just have to itch. Grrr...

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  1. Start taking a daily supplement of Brewer's Yeast. The mosquitoes hate the way it makes you smell, but it's nothing that people can pick up on.

    Apparently people who eat a lot of fruit (bananas especially) are more prone to being bitten... so stop eating healthy for your own good.