Weekend Finale

When I last left my rambling wrap up of the weekend I had arrived in Indy, where it was a balmy 20 degrees.

Bikini weather, if you will.

I was the third person to arrive, so I got to enjoy a little downtime back at my friend's place.  I wouldn't have survived the evening otherwise, as I was running on just a couple hours of sleep (no exaggeration).

Once more of the crew got in, we decided to head out to dinner.  Note to anyone who care, Texas Roadhouse apparently won't seat groups of more than 6.  The rolls and butter were totally worth having to sit at two tables though.  (Have you experienced those rolls?  So deadly.)

When the rest of the crew rolled into town, all 13 of us headed out to enjoy a few adult beverages.  I think Though I only really knew my friend and her boyfriend, by the end of the night we were all fast friends.

Saturday was all about sleeping in, being lazy, eating food, and resting up for the evening.  There was NFL playoff games, first of all, college basketball games, and it was all fueled by pizza and Chipotle.  So yummy.

After the necessary consulting by all the girls (you ladies know what I mean by this), we were able to get dolled up and head to the big 30th birthday celebration for my friend.  There were friends who had driven and flown in, people from the area, even her parents.

She had reserved a VIP room at a club so we were able to have space to relax and chat, but still had access to the dance floor.

As a side note about the club, the bathroom doors were those crazy kind that had clear glass the frosted over when locked.  Crazy!

Sunday was spent lazying around, watching a little more football, and catching a flight home.  I made it to Seattle pre-snowstorm (that actually finally hit this morning) and even got to enjoy a meal out with the roomie to celebrate her birthday.

Now I'm attempting to get some work done before class tonight.  Even though the college is cancelled, my digital media program is still meeting--the downside of having technically advanced and knowledgeable classmates and professors.

The good news: I get to attend class in sweats and possibly on my bed (if the wifi signal is strong enough).

As a side note, though I'm not actively protesting SOPA/PIPA through my blog, I strongly encourage everyone to write their congressman in protest of the bill.  It's not what needs to happen online.  But don't take my word for it.  Do your research about the issue!


  1. Seriously? The bathroom doors like that really exist??? I need to see a place like this...

  2. The bathroom door sound so cool! I am a sucker for stuff like that. Also a suck for Chipotle and Texas Roadhouse rolls. You are my kind of eater:)