Seven Random Things

To kick off a new week (which includes quite a bit of excitement) I thought I'd share a few facts about myself.

And yes, seven was an arbitrary choice.
  • I'm constantly trying to decide how to appropriately use exclamation points in blog comments so my enthusiasm is clear, but I don't seem like a psycho cheerleader.  It's a pretty big dilemma.
  • I love cooking.  Seriously, guys, you need to put a ring on this so your tummy will be happy. (Just kidding, kind of.)  Just know I will probably expect you to do dishes. (Not joking at all.)
  • Math was my favorite subject in school.  It was clear, solvable, and just plain made sense.  Also, philosophical discussions drive me nuts.
  • Even though I spend as much of my free time in sweats as possible, I follow an unseemly number of fashion blogs.
  • My sister and I are sharing a room for the second time in our lives.
  • I have driven a car in six different countries: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ireland, and Finland.
  • I wear a size 10 shoe.  My feet are just edging there way into "those are big" territory.  And they've been that way since I was in sixth grade, one of my many awkward stages.
Okay, so not all of these things may be news to you.  But you can pretend right?

Happy Monday!!


  1. Your feet aren't as big as mine though! hahaa

  2. As many exclamation points as humanly possible! Everyone needs a cheerleader every now and then!!

  3. I have just as hard of a time trying to convey sarcasm. It leads to me with sentences that trail off. Sorta like this...

  4. Haha I totally feel ya on number 1..!? and who doesn't love making yummy food for the peeps they love? You sound like one cool chica.


  5. I love an exclamation point, I admit. But I love parathensis and ellipsis dots more!

  6. Hahaha!!!!!!! Yes I see your point on exclamation points. And I'd have to agree about the dishes, that is the WORST part of eating.

  7. I am horrible about the exclamation points as well!!! Agh! Anywho, I love the one about your sweats haha that's awesome! I wonder how many women are home in the morning sipping their tea/coffee and doing the same? haha

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  8. I've had tiny feet forever which is also awkward. So you know, there is that!

    There are rules, you do all the cooking they must do dishes. i think it's one of the commandments.

  9. How was traveling to Finland and Ireland?
    I hate math... but I am envious of anyone who loves it and is amazing at it.

    I think I use way to many exclamation points!!!!!!!
    har har.

  10. Love it! I liked math and disliked philosophy for exactly the same reasons. I used to wear a size 10 shoe but it's edged down to a 9.5 and sometimes 9. Either industry standards changed, my style changed or my feet shrunk. But my 11 year old sister has size 10 feet!

  11. I battle the whole exclamation point thing too. When I use them I feel like it is too much. When I don't, I feel like I am lacking enthusiasm.


  12. the first fact made me smile cos i think its really nice to put a thought into the coments