Food Fun: Sweet and Savory

Even though I haven't posted about it recently, I promise I have actually been cookie (and eatting, which this weekend took the form of many spoonfuls of cookie dough).

I thought I'd share a few pictures and links to recipes of recent creations.  A simple post.

I don't know how much I really need to say about this treat.  Puppy Chow, Muddie Buddies, or whatever you call it...it doesn't matter.  Basically this is cereal transformed into candy crack.

I love it.  This batch was spiced up with chocolate chex.  Because there's no such thing as too much.

Now that we got the important recipe out of the way....
I give you Shepherd's Pie.  I roughly followed a recipe from Epicurious, meaning I used the gravy and basic steps.

However, I did not use the same veggies (mine had carrots, onions, leeks, green beans, mushrooms, and maybe something I forgot) and ended up adding italian sausage because I liked the extra spice.

It was really, really good.  Though, as a warning, it is a little labor intensive.  But it makes a lot and the taste is worth the time.

What have you made lately?


  1. Puppy chow... that stuff was like crack! My mom could barely get it in a container for later because my brother and I would eat half of it as it was laying out to harden...

  2. Your version of shepards pie sounds really delicious with the addition of italian sausage.

    I love puppy chow!

  3. God I love muddy buddies (that's what I call 'em). They are SO ADDICTING.

    I've been on an Asian and Indian food kick lately, so I've been making, and eating, a lot of curry. A LOT of curry.

    I love a good shepherd's pie! Andy and I use Alton Brown's recipe and it's to die for.

  4. I love shepherds pie! So great for the winter months too :)