Awkward and Awesome: From the Couch

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's post.  I got a lot of sleep, drank a lot of water, and am feeling slightly improved.  I'm definitely not worse.

And I'm back at my parent's for a couple days to do laundry, run a few errands, and snuggle with puppies (and really that last one is the most important).

- I haven't made any money since November.  My last paycheck was December 10.  That was quite a while ago, in case you weren't aware.
- A sore throat.  I want to drink all the things!
- The inability to keep my eyes opened and focused on any one thing.  Stupid sickness.
- Also, realizing I'm probably uninsured and hoping this really is just a cold.
- The number of cops cruising the roadway this afternoon.  Luckily I wasn't partaking in illegal activity, but wow, were they swarming.
- Fitting our class into a room with 20 chairs on Tuesday night.  There are 24 students enrolled in the class.  We're going to each other really well this quarter.
- The intercom in our apartment is finally hooked up....to my cell phone.  And I have no idea how I'm supposed to open the door.  But, hey, at least it got done.

- Bowl game season in college football.  Have you guys been watching this stuff?  My roomie and I spent 4 hours at our local bar to catch Oregon and Stanford.  We made some friends, got to know the staff, and I ate some sinful deep fried bacon burger sliders.  They were serious business.
- Using sickness as an excuse to wear sweatpants for multiple days in a row.
- Homemade soup...tomato basil on Wednesday (with gourmet grilled cheese) and potato, ham, and cheese tonight.
- Let me just talk about that cheese again--Irish whiskey cheddar and goat milk gouda.  And tonight we used Cougar Gold in our soup.
- Have you heard of Sporcle.com?  I found out about it through Vanessa's post yesterday and am now prepared to spend half my life there.
- New TV shows starting back up.  Parenthood and Modern Family are the best.  (As an aside, are TV shows supposed to be italicized?)

This post basically says the same things as yesterday's: cheese and sickness.

(Plus, a little sports.)


  1. Am I the only person who gets super nervous when they see a bunch of cops- even when I'm not doing anything wrong?

    I really hope you get to kick the sickness soon. It sounds like it's a real downer. :(

  2. ha, well got some good pro's there, sweets! xoxo

  3. Sweatpants for multiple days in a row? Sounds good to me!

  4. Awkward: Glancing at your post title and seeing "from the cooch" instead of "couch" and needing to triple take.

  5. Excellent round up! I'm sorry you're sick though.... I just watched football (for pretty much the first time!) on Sunday. It's pretty fun.