A Week Back Home

I should start by saying the jet lag has been rough on this end of the trip.  Until the past day or so, I wasn't sleeping for a full night and hadn't been able to catch up.

However, things are improving.  I make it (almost) to 7am most mornings now.  My cousin and I also went on a run.  Though the run was rough, it at least cleared out some of the cobwebs (and offset some of the ice cream consumed on the latter part of the trip).

Another negative of being home so far is the weather.  While 99% (approximately) of the country is experiencing a heat wave, we've had rain, clouds, and temperatures under 70 or even 60 degrees.  Basically, it's been March.

The first part of the return home was dedicated to Harry Potter.  We watched the first seven movies before we went and saw the premiere on Friday morning.  I was so thankful we didn't see a midnight showing.  The movie was good and we got the matinee price.  Victory.

After the movie, Michelle and I went on the aforementioned run.  We drove out to Birch Bay, where the temperature was inexplicably 75 degrees, visited our old house, and stopped by Sonic for Happy Hour. 

Saturday included a visit to the farmer's market and a couple stores in town.  And today was devoted to shopping.  Michelle came with a list of things to purchase and money to save since the Euro is stronger than the dollar.  She actually bought 4 pairs of much needed shoes and a few other items. 

Our shopping included a stop by the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  Both she and my sister got boots.  Nothing like saving a little money before the fall (a.k.a. prime boot wearing season). 

We kept our energy up while shopping with a stop by our favorite Indian restaurant in Seattle and a frosty from Wendy's.

Now we're relaxing with Sherlock Holmes and a little apricot ale.  Now if only the sunshine would come out to play.


  1. Glad to hear you have recovered! I loved your posts about your trip! The pictures were gorgeous, and it looks like you had so much fun!

  2. your few days sounds amazing, actually. i haven't run in a month! it feels awful and the longer i go the more i don't want to go run because the worse it will be!

  3. I really want to do a Harry Potter marathon before seeing the last one too, sounds like a blast!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  4. That sounds like the PERFECT mix! Harry Potter marathon AND new movie AND matinee prices? Heck yes. Shopping, running, indian food... oh man. I'm so jealous.