Things that make this weekend awesome:

- picking 38 pounds of raspberries. I actually had three buckets going at one time.  Just call me a professional.  (Not so awesome, figuring out where to put the berries until we can deal with them.)
- having even more family visit.  My aunt and uncle drove over to join my other uncle and cousin. It's getting a little crazy here.
- My mom's (tomorrow) and my dad's (today) birthdays!!! Even though my mom isn't here, we'll be celebrating with her in spirit.
- all the delicious food that goes along with birthdays and family visiting.
- Sunshine!!!!
- finally getting all my clothes put away. It was a bit of a challenge with people visiting and my sister moved back home. Our house is full.
- getting a sweet birthday present from my cousin via Goodwill.
- still having all of Sunday left for fun!

I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves, too.


  1. When life hands you 38lbs of raspberries, you make a ton of jam and call it Christmas presents.

    Glad you had a good weekend :)

  2. Dude, I want to steal those raspberries!