Heating up in Helsinki

Yesterday morning, my cousin Michelle had to work in the morning.  Rachel and I used that time to check on the plants in her apartment and pick up any accumulated mail, as well as some new clothes. 

Then we met Michelle downtown for lunch, before meeting Aunt Kris to pick up cruise tickets to Talinn (we're going next week!) and do a little shopping downtown.  I made a dent in my bank account thanks to Ittala and Marimeko (again), but feel confident that I've pretty much gotten all the gifts that I need to.

While downtown we also visited the cathedral, the library, the Fazer cafe(chocolate), and picked up our passes for the amusement park. 

I have many pictures to share, but am enjoying my visit with the family too much to take the time to upload them.  Plus, my aunt has generously been sharing her computer so I can get online and I don't want to hog it all the time.  I check my email enough as it is.

There's a bit of a heatwave going on here in Finland.  Today it got up to about 30 degrees (85+ farenheit).  We decided the heat was the perfect excuse to be completely lazy.  We did a few loads of laundry, played a lot of Yahtzee and a few games of scrabble (not salad), and Mumi, my aunt's mother, made us an afternoon snack of pancakes with cream, jam, and strawberries.  Today felt like it was spent laying around and eating, which is alright with me.

Tomorrow we don't have too much on the schedule.  We're headed to church in the morning, but it's supposed to be hot again and we're not in a hurry to make big plans.  Those are coming on Monday and Tuesday.

I'm sorry to say that I haven't had much time to read blogs.  Though, in reality, I'm not that sorry at all.  I'm on holiday and loving every minute of it.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm excited to share that I won a giveaway over at Love, Shellsea for a free ad for July.  Thanks Shellsea!!!

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  1. Yay for taking a break and having a lazy day ever once in a while! :)

    There's been a heat wave in my parts, too. Sweltering!