A Full Few Days

Greetings from here in Helsinki. We're just recovering from the past few days and have grand plans to sleep in until whenever we happen to wake up, which hopefully won't be early.

When I last left you we were being lazy. That trend continued through the weekend as the temperature stayed hot and our motivation stayed low. I did go to church on Sunday and understood almost none of it, except for kiitos, which means "thank you".

After church we continued our practice of eating and playing games, mainly Scrabble and Yahtzee. We can only play so many games of Scrabble as I have a slight advantage of speaking English all the time.

Monday, July 4th, was celebrated with a visit to the amusement park. We had purchased passes last week and used them to go on as many rides as possible. I am a complete rollercoaster addict and had a blast going upside down and round and round.

We also made sure to celebrate with lots of food. Not that we usually need an excuse to eat large quantities of sugar, but it's nice to have an excuse.

The weather made a complete change, with temperatures dropping below 20 degrees celsius the past couple days. I even had to get out the coat today, though on Monday, I stubbornly continued to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Monday night I made cinnamon rolls, from my dad's world famous recipe. I've already had two today. Whoops.

Today was a day cruise to Tallinn, Estonia. Finland, and more specifically Helsinki, are not that old. Finland hasn't actually been established for a hundred years yet. Estonia, on the other hand, is very old. It was fun to explore the old city and see some gothic and other architecture.

We also wandered in and out of shops, and continued to eat our way through the day. The day started very early and the boat was pretty crowded, so we returned early enough to secure comfortable seats.

We've made it home now and are quite exhausted. After sleeping in tomorrow, except for Michelle who has to work at 6am, we hope for warm enough weather to go wash rugs at the sea. Fingers crossed for some sunshine and heat!

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