Ten on Tuesday: Movies and Nails

First of all, let me say how much I appreciated your "happy birthdays."  It made my day.

Our plans didn't go quite according to plan for the day.  Touristy activities turned into shopping in downtown Seattle when it rained the. whole. day.  Lovely.

Also, my dad's flight got cancelled, so I'm headed south to pick him up in just a few minutes.

Here are my Ten on Tuesday picks.  Feel free to pay along over at Chelsea's blog.

1. What colour are your toenails painted?
I looked at the name, but have forgotten already.  It's OPI and an iridescent blue/gray/green.  I like it a lot.

2. What color are your fingernails painted?
Currently, OPI White Crackle and Cuckoo For This Color.

3. What is your favourite brand of nail polish?
OPI, Essie, Butter London, Ginger and Liz.  I have a few.

4. As the norm, do you DIY your nails or get main/pedis?
DIY, for sure.  I treat myself every once in a while, but usually do it myself.

5. Have you ever had a gel mani? Do you recommend it?
I have not.  My nails would take forever to recover.

6. What is the last movie you watched on television?
Currently watching 27 Dresses and we just finished The Proposal.

7. What is the last movie you watched in the cinema?
Harry Potter 7 Part 2

8. Is there a movie that everyone talks about as if it is a classic but you haven't seen?
There are many.  Monty Python.  Anchorman.  A lot of old movies.

9. What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
I love What a Girl Wants.  Corny, I know.  I'm like a preteen girl.

10. Have you ever seen a movie and thought it was better than the book it was based on?

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  1. The Holy Grail and Anchorman are hilarious!!