Cousins get made over.

Yesterday was makeover day here in the land of not-quite-summer.  While the rest of the country appears to be sweating it out (and Chicago fights throw sheets of rain), we've been lucky to spot the sun.  Okay, fine, this weekend was gorgeous.  But that was only two days.

</end rant>

Back to the makeovers.

I knew when I got back from my trip I was overdue for a haircut.  Heck, I had been overdue before I left.  Plus, I needed to change things up just a little.  I've been happily redheaded for about 9 months or so, and felt the need for a little change.

My sister and cousin decided to join in on the fun.  So we made appointments to get our hair cut together.  I went to see one of my closest friends from middle school and high school.  Though we haven't stayed as close over the years, it's always fun to see her and catch up.

Of course, makeovers wouldn't be complete without before and after pictures, just to prove how much we really needed help.  Our sad faces took a lot of work, too.  You don't even know how hard it is for my sister to do a straight face.

Without further ado, the new and improved Michelle (cousin), Stephanie (sister), and me!  (in that order)

The trip pretty much convinced me I need a live-in hair stylist.  That whole curling-your-hair-with-a-straight-iron thing...I can't do it.  Someday maybe.

The real test will be when we wash our hair next.  Can I handle the bang?


  1. I love the bangs on you!

    I can't curl my hair with a straight iron, either. You can even look it up on youtube. Still doesn't help...

  2. WOWWWW i love your hair here! you definitely win, it's the best!!

  3. Oooo! Can your friend do MY hair?!

  4. You all love gorgeous in your after-shots, but I love how pouty-ugly (that's a technical term) you're attempting to look in the the 'befores'.