Leaving for home (and my last few days)

Guys, guess what?

I fly home tomorrow. As in, 14 hours from now I will be at the airport. I can't quite believe that it's been 5 weeks.

Also, traveling across the globe takes a really long time.

But before I get there, there are a few events that have taken place here in Helsinki.

Yesterday was hot, like 30 degrees celsius hot. I don't do farenheit anymore, at least until someone else does. To take advantage of such glorious (read: sweltering) weather, the cousins and I headed to minigolf.

After an exhausting round of 18 holes, Michelle came out the winner by 8 strokes. Also, I'm not good at golf.

Next up was lunch at the mall food court. I should specify that their food court was a little nicer than what I'm used to. Think less every fast food place you can think of, and more what ethnic sit-down restaurant would you like to try.

I had a salad the size of a small child that featured chevre (the fancy name for goat cheese).

Then we shopped, which was a running theme for my visit. I might as well have bought stock in Iittala and Marimekko.

I stayed with my cousin Rachel, last night (Saturday). We relaxed together and watched two movies (Princessa and Wurthering Heights).

This morning we met my Aunt Kris and Michelle at church. Then Rachel helped Mummi (their grandmother) prepare a feast for us.

I was soooo full. Soup with bread and cheese, beef and pork with potatoes, carrots, and onions, a nice mixed salad, beets, herring, and two dessert courses (peaches with chocolate pudding and whipped cream, and blueberry cardmom pie). We didn't move for a while after that.

This afternoon involved more Yahtzee and Scrabble. Now we're relaxing and having a little snack. Plus more ice cream.

Tomorrow my aunt is planning to make us pancakes and then I'm off for 24 hours of travel. While I can't wait to be home, I am somewhat dreading the lack of sleep.

But this whole trip was totally worth it, more than worth it.

When I get home I plan to share some things I learned, pictures from Finland, and other very important information. After that point, I'll have everything related to Michelle's visit to share as she's headed to the States tomorrow as well.

You won't hear from me for a few days though, so have a happy start to your week! Moi moi from Finland.


  1. you are living the life...have a safe flight home though!!!

  2. AH haha! I've totally had my share of 'small-child sized salads but never thought of it in such a funny way.