Ten on Tuesday revived.

Since I'm back home, I thought I'd start back up with Ten on Tuesday. Plus, I'm waiting for my boss to finish up a meeting, so I have some time on my hands. Don't worry though, I'm off the clock.

Here are today's questions, courtesy of Kyria at Travel Spot. You can also join up at Roots and Rings.

1. When you are on a plane and the kid behind you is kicking your seat, what do you do?
In all honesty, probably nothing.  I'm not confrontational by nature, at all.  Unless it's my brother, then all bets are off.

2. What food that you KNOW is bad for you and you shouldn’t have, but you love/eat it anyway?
Anything related to ice cream.  I just can't help myself.  This morning I even had a blended ice-cream base coffee drink that I've been craving the whole time I was gone.

Also, sometimes I just crave soda, which has exactly zero nutritional value.  I don't drink it often, but when I do, I do not do diet.

3. What is your favorite book of all time?
I have to choose one?!  I loved reading the Anne McCaffrey books about the dragonriders of Pern growing up.  I still have a few, though I'd love to add to the collection.  In high school, my favorite book was In These Girls Hope is a Muscle, about a high school basketball team.  There are a ton more that aren't coming to mind though.

4. If I came to visit you in your town, where would we eat?
Depends on what your favorite food is.  We have some good eats in the area and some of my favorites involve happy hour.  Chihuahua's is an amazing Mexican restaurant about 20 minutes away and probably one of my top choices.

5. You have 500 dollars and 40 minutes to spend it at any store you want. Where do you go?
Probably Nordstrom for that time and amount of money.  I could get a couple quality wardrobe pieces.  And some makeup.  Or a really nice bag.  Maybe some shoes.  Needless to say, I would fine something or a few things.

6. What blog do you read every day/the most often?
The past five weeks have been pretty hit and miss with travel, but I pretty much always read my mom's blog.  There are a handful of other blogs I try to stay caught up on as well.

7. What’s the longest you’ve ever been stuck at an airport?
I don't really have any horror stories.  I spent 6 hours at JFK, but knew it was happening beforehand.  My cousin Michelle, who is here visiting now, got stuck at Heathrow for three days last Christmas when she tried to come visit.  It took her a week to get home.  That was probably the worst experience of someone close to me.

8. What’s your daily makeup/face/cleansing routine?
I wash my face morning and night.  I put on lotion with sunscreen in the morning and at night I use Hope in  Jar.  If I have a lot of eye makeup on, I also use remover at the end of the day.  The amount of makeup I wear varies drastically depending on the day, what I'm doing and the weather.

9. Where is your farthest away friend?
Probably my cousins who live in Finland.  I also have some blog friends that live quite a distance away.

10. Where is your favorite place to go hiking (or to enjoy nature)?
We have some great places right around where I live.  Some of my favorite hikes are along the water and I love taking advantages of the different islands in Puget Sound to get my nature fix.


  1. this is a really good questionnaire!!! ok but if a kid were kicking my seat on a long flight i would totally tell the parents. i'm a grouch.

  2. I LOVE Nordstrom ... now I just need to find someone to give me $500 to spend there :) Also, maybe you can introduce me to this Mexican restaurant you speak of? I'm dying to find a good Mexican place around here!

  3. I love that you threw in the disclaimer, "Don't worry, I'm off the clock."
    Too funny.

    A Foreign Land

  4. Three days?! I was ready to die after six of my seven!

    Oh, and I found the most hilarious youtube video about picking up dog doo to keep the Puget Sound clean.