Things I'm Really Digging Right Now

I've done a little shopping recently.  

I've had some time on my hands, was lucky enough to pass by the outlet mall, and had a few things that I just "needed".  You know, because I have so much more room for stuff in my room.

On top of the shopping, there are a couple items that I've fallen in love with all over again.  It's finally spring here, so I can start using something besides sweaters and sweatshirts.
My first big purchase were running shoes.  These were actually more of a "need".  I've been using the same running shoes for two years, which is not the best plan for my legs.  They are supposed to be dropped off at the house today and I've been putting off my workout so I can try them out.

I fell in love with the idea of a fleece motorcycle jacket when I saw my hairdresser wearing one sometime last year.  So when I saw one at Converse yesterday at the outlets, I grabbed it and didn't let go.

I got these flats at Target a couple years ago (I think) and haven't worn them all that much.  Then I put them on a couple weeks ago and haven't wanted to take them off.  The pattern is fun without being too much and can go with a variety of outfits.

Last week when Gap had it's Give and Get event (30% with 5% of your purchase going to a charity of your choice) it seemed like a good time for a little shopping.  (As if I ever really need much reason.)  My stop in Gap led me to a pair of broken in boyfriend jeans.  Comfortable and pretty much a perfect fit, a match made in heaven.
A while ago, when I was getting a mini-makeover at MAC, the artist told me that you can actually use kohl eyeliner along the rim of your eye, especially the bottom rim, which will then slide into the lash line.  I had forgotten the advice until recently, which is too bad because it's pretty genius.

My newest addiction (to go along with shoes and everything else I can't stop buying) is nail polish.  I spotted this gray-taupe color a while ago and finally picked it up for myself.  I also got a teal, dark green, and dark purple.  Like I said, addicted.

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