Eat and Play Getaway

I'm away for the weekend, in a city known as the Palm Springs of the Evergreen State.

It's a pretty exotic vacation. I ventured with my grandfather, my dad and my dad's colleagues to the state basketball championships.

What can I say?! We're basketball addicts.

My grampa played at Oregon and was drafted into the NBA (he chose to go into teaching because it was a more stable career). Both my father and his brothers played in college. My dad was actually working at a basketball camp the summer I was born.

Pretty much, the sport is in my blood. I can watch it for hours, will play no matter how out of shape I am, and look forward to March like parents of small children look forward to nap time.

So this is a great vacation.

The other we are good at is eating. Between the basketball games, we have many different meals to fit in. 2 for 1 steaks, quality mexican food, an unknown number of winery tours, and all you can eat anything (we make sure to get our money's worth.).

For now we're resting up for the next big meal game, meaning everyone but me is napping.  But I am the youth on the trip.

I actually considered taking a run to work off some of lunch, but couldn't quite stir up the energy.

There is such a thing as too full.

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