Wait for it.

I know, I just got posting about nothing. Hopefully you took my advice from the beginning and just ignored the post.

Sometimes it just helps to get things out there, okay?!

Anyways, back to why I'm writing for the second time today. (Not that I started telling, but whatever.)

I was reading an article about how experts think Amelia Earhart might have crashed on an deserted island and eventually died there with her navigator.

It was on Yahoo!, so you might have seen it.

The author mentioned that a partial skeleton had been found on the island, and they thought it was only partial because coconut crabs had made off with the rest of it.

This sounds like something that would be on Bones.

I'm thinking, "How big can these crabs be?"
Apparently big enough to eat a small child, or dog, or your head.

That's just sick, in a fascinating, can't-take-your-eyes-off-it kind of way.

Maybe those crabs didn't just make off with the bones, maybe they killed them. I bet it could happen.

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  1. I must now make it my life's purpose to find out what those things taste like. I'm thinking coconutty?