Numbers and stuff

You know what's funny/unnecessary/weird?

Our country's (and probably others) fascination with creating statistics to explain the world.

Seriously. We need to come clean.

"Hi, we're America. If something isn't quantifiable, we come with a mathematical equation for it."

"Hi America."

Because as we all know, the only truths in life exist in the sciences. It's in the handbook of life (Sec

Take for instance, consumer confidence. That's a phrase we hear quite often, in fact. As in, "consumer confidence has weakened with the downturn of the economy."

And now this has apparently turned into an English sentence. Don't tell me about the mistakes I'm making, though. Ignorance is bliss.

Say I were to ask, "What's your consumer confidence today?" The first that comes to mind is...

If your answer was "53.1," then your thinking straight. If your answer was, "Uh, pretty good I guess," then you aren't American.

Currently the Consumer Confidence Index is at 47.7. 90 means the economy is doing well.

The really good news is how accurate this number is. Why? Because it's sent randomly to 5,000 households.

That's seems like a good number since there are over 300,000,000 Americans.

Now excuse me while I go and poll my dogs to find out how much they need to outside.


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