Today I was walking to work behind a woman in work out clothes. She was smoking a cigarette as well.

Somewhat contradictory if you ask me. Not that you did.

Another one that always gets me is people who smoke while on their bicycles.

Except that takes a lot more skill than just plain old walking. I mean, just think of all the things we are (mostly) able to do while walking: chew gum, text, talk, eat, drink.

All with varying degrees of success of course, depending on the person. Me, only semi-successful.

To smoke while riding a bike you have to smoke, you have to pedal, and you only have one hand for steering.

If that's not skill, I don't know what is.

And since I don't smoke and haven't ridden a bike in about 8 years (even if you never forget), I don't think it's something I want to try anytime soon.

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  1. Maybe contradictory to one's overall health, but the shallow and vapid elite out there loves the ciggies because of their appetite suppressing side effects. Just like how I use heroin to improve my complexion.