I know I pay taxes.

I get the draw for Canadians to come south and visit. And for the most part, I really don't mind.

Who can blame them for wanting to take advantage of our weak dollar and cheaper gas?!

A few years ago my family bought a car in Canada, back when the dollar was more like Superman instead of the mailman, and saved some ridiculous amount of money.

So really, I don't hold it against Canadians as a whole.

Seriously though, you DON'T own our roads.

It's not that I mind the lost and confused drivers. I mean, sure, they are annoying, but I've been that person driving around Vancouver, so I get it.

But you DO NOT own our roads.

Obviously I'm a little annoyed (just in case you hadn't caught that yet).

Here's the story:
I'm driving home from the east side of the state, having already logged almost five hours and a few hundred miles in the car.

I'm not a slow driver on the freeway, preferring to stay just a MPH or two below ten over. Fast enough to make good time, slow enough to (hopefully) not get a ticket. (It's worked so far.)

I make my move to the left lane, pulling in front of a Canadian with plenty of room to spare. Then ahead I see a cop car and immediately decelerate. I may like to go fast, but I know slower is better when driving by a cop car.

In response, the Canadian flashes his lights at me. Jerkface! So I get over to allow him ahead for his ticket and almost hit a car that was in my blind spot.

Needless to say, the Canadian quickly braked when he spotted the cop car. Ha!

Who pays for the roads and the cops. Not the Canadians, that's for sure.

Just sayin'.

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  1. Hahahah I love how annoyed you get about that. I watched a car go straight into a speed trap the other day, I could have signaled him to slow down, but he was being a jerk.

    As for the current dollar exchange, 92.7cAus - $1.00US.. I'm planning my trip already. Can't wait to come get in your way :)