Do I know you?

I one of those people who looks around, stares at people, and is basically a little creepy while strolling around.

Not a lot creepy, but definitely a little.

This issue is compounded when I see someone that I may or may not know.

Unfortunately, it's a reality in my life that I might see someone from my near or distant past.

I know live about 20 minutes from where I spent my middle school/high school years (a.k.a. era of awkwardness).

And I work at the local university.

There are people I might know, or who have friends in common with me, everywhere.

In fact, it happened today.

At first I was just looking around while walking back to the office, but then I thought I might know him. So I stared longer.

Then I realized I knew him. He even nodded at me.

Now I'm thinking, "Do I smile, nod back, wave, stop to talk...I don't know what is most appropriate. AH!"

By the time I had built up this internal frenzy, the moment was over and both the guy and I had continued on our merry ways.

And the awkwardness lives on.


  1. I can relate to that, As a contract worker I come into different officers where everyone soon learns my name, but I know nobody. It feels like the truman show.

    hmmm.. On a side note, I wish hot chicks stared at me.

  2. I sometimes think my awkward years (the junior high/high school years) are still with me, and they usually manifest themselves in moments like these!