Love him, love him not.

I'm home alone this weekend.

And by home alone, I mean it's me and the dogs, with my brother making brief appearances when he feels like it.

The parents crossed the state to visit my sister for parent's weekend.

I was actually looking forward to this weekend. After last week's trip across the state, the day o' wedding for my cousin, and a full work week, I was look forward to a relaxing, restful, nothing-planned weekend.

Then a certain rascal showed me who was in charge.
And let me tell you, I'm not the one in charge. Got that message loud and clear last night.

Jackson is our 9-year-old White German Shepard/Yellow Lab who has a bum knee. I think sometimes he plays on our emotions.

Like last night, when he sat whining and whining some more, AT 3AM, because he couldn't hoist his 110 lbs. onto the bed.

Next thing I know, I am sleeping on the daybed in the family room and he is contentedly snoring on the couch.

How my having to be wide awake and get out of a warm, comfortable bed in the middle of the night helped him have a better life, I'll never know.

I do know that I am not feeling particularly rested today.

Jackson, on the other hand, is resting up for tonight.

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