Small Children

Last week I babysat twice, after a decade-long hiatus, for some family friends.

And when I say decade-long, that's pretty much how long it's been, except for a few hours in CO watching a friend's daughter.

Luckily for me (and the kids), last week's adventures turned out to be fairly pain-free.

The toddler went to bed before his parents left both times. He would talk to himself and rustle around, but was otherwise great (and by great, I mean asleep).

The second night, I watched two four-year-olds, one a preschool playmate.

To sum up the experience, I was there to make sure they didn't choke to death and made it into bed safely.

The kids, Pippa and Wes, were pretty much self-sufficient. I washed their hair in the bath and tucked them into bed (after Wes asked me if it was time for bed yet), but was otherwise unnecessary.

True story.

They did guess that I was 35 years old though. Funny how skewed your idea of age is when you are young.

Honestly though, I was just a tad freaked out about sitting. If it wasn't for my inability to say "no," I might not have even done it.

Luckily I won the child lotto and ended up with a great few kids.

That doesn't mean that I plan to make this a regular occurrence though.

But as I told my mom afterward, my current motto in life is "will work for money."

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  1. Pippa and Wes? Did they have proper accents and a talking dog too?