Taking some weight off

I'm heading off on leg two of my journey, from the land of the Rockies to the Palouse.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but it's apparently wedding season (both in terms of the time of year, and the era of my life), and I'm headed off to help my cousin and her family get ready for the big day next Saturday.

I failed to take pictures on this leg of my journey, completely failed, but I also didn't do anything exciting. I plan on having many pictures to share from the next week though.

Today, I was faced with the challenge of packing my rather large suitcase. It could probably serve as a small raft, if need be (and if it floated).

I mean, it wouldn't be vacation if I didn't do a little shopping, right?! So shop (a little) I did.

The problem: my bag weighed 51 lbs. on the way here. Approximately 1 lb. more than it was supposed to.

The solution: leave behind my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. And cram miscellaneous items into my carry-on camera bag.

When I was done, my suitcase only weighed 49 lbs. Victory.

I would just like to add that I love flying out of smaller airports. There is just something wonderful about being one of three people going through security. Wonderful! Plus the TSA (TWA?-I can't remember) people are much more pleasant.

I was complimented on my smile, twice. That doesn't happen somewhere like Atlanta (worst airport ever, by the way).

Hopefully this general positive feeling carries through the entire journey.

And maybe, it could lead to more blogging this week. I'm not promising anything though.

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