Dinner for Four

I consider dinner to be essential component of any successfully lived day.

I also enjoy cooking.

So when my sister called with a request during the afternoon for Thai Red Curry my response was, "bring it on!"

Thanks to my fancy, new camera, you can enjoy the process with me. (I don't plan on making this a food blog--all the time at least.)

First I'll bring out some of the main players in Thai Red Curry (go here for the recipe--as a side note, the recipe says serves 2, but I doubled it and with 4 eating, we still have a ton left over).
Garlic, zuchinni, red pepper, lemon, and thai basil. This is so totally not everything it took, but I'm lazy. (Not pictured: chicken broth, canola oil, coconut milk, fish sauce, corn starch, and probably something else...oh yeah, chicken.)
No joke, tears were streaming down my face as I took this picture. I'm not a crier, but fresh cut garlic and onion get me every time. Also, my hands still smell.
Julienned-ish peppers and zucchini rounds, ready to make things delicious.

The finishing touches to the dish. There were actually about 20 more steps that I'm not showing you here because I was too much in the zone.
Get in my belly!

The end.