The Beginning

I've been in wedding land for all of a day, and I have pictures for posts on top of posts. Seriously.

But first, let me back up.

I'm in the Palouse for Cousin S' wedding. It's on Saturday. I'm a bridesmaid. I'm probably missing other essential info, but hopefully that'll be included later in the post or in later posts.

Let me share a few snippets from today.

First, there's Sally. She's part Lab, part St. Bernard, and part bear. I love her.

Then there was an incident with a pressure washer. Let's just say that kerosene is not the same as gasoline. The washing got done, but I couldn't get the machine to turn off and I'm not sure if there will be permanent damage.

Lastly, I'm back on the farm.

I say back because this is the place I went to college (not that I lived ON the farm, but I visited here a lot) and this is the place my family went on vacation every summer since I was born.

Part of my day on the farm included a buggy ride. Gotta git things ready for the wedding.

But more on all that later. For now I need to sleep to prepare for another adventurous day tomorrow.

P.S. There were supposed to be pictures included in this post, but the internet was taking forever. But I promise you'll see them eventually.

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