Not happening to me.

I have recently discovered a major fear: not having all my teeth as I get older.

The only real problem with that is that I am in most inconsistent flosser in the history of floss. (I was going to say in the history of the world, but that doesn't really make sense.)

After recently encountering more than one person of an advanced age with missing teeth, I felt gripped with a sense of panic.

Is that what I am headed for? No more apples, or steak, or who knows what food because my few remaining teeth can't handle it.

Sounds horrible.

So I plan to take up the floss more often. I'm not even joking about this.

I believe that missing teeth is a large problem in our country that we have just left in the dark. And I am not okay with that.

Floss and brush people. Floss and brush.

Plus, your breath will smell better. Bonus.


  1. I'm paying the price of poor flossing habits... at 29, I've already had several root canals. Floss twice a day, brush three times, and use ACT Restoring mouthwash twice. And visit your dentist at least twice a year. At least!

  2. I remember the one word advice the old man gives to the young couple while recounting his life at the end of the movie "Prelude to a Kiss'..."floss". I took it very seriously! :)