A Major Life Choice

I finally overcame my laziness enough last Friday to purchase a pass to the fitness center on campus. I kept meaning to do, but other things (like hunger and the need to sit down) got in the way.

Surprisingly enough I have already made use of the Rec twice since Friday.

I'm really feeling rather impressed with myself.

Or at least I was until this morning.

After my first class, I had a three hour break due to a class cancellation.

"Perfect," I thought. I can work out, eat, and stroll across campus to my last class of the day. I was even proactive last night and this morning, making a lunch, gathering supplies, etc.

All went according to plan, until I finished up my shower after the work out session.

First of all, I was thrilled with the postcard size towels they provide which cannot fully cover an entire naked woman. You kind of have to pick your battles.

Secondly, I realized as I opened my miniscule day-use locker (which didn't even hold all my stuff) that I had neglected to bring a change of underwear.


This left with me with a dilemma. I could either put the worked-out-in pair back on again, or I could go commando.

The choice was clear.

If your unsure about which option I went with, let me paint you a picture.

My on the exercise bike, sweat pouring off my body because, in part, I chose a bike with full-on sunshine.

Isn't it obvious to you too now?!

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  1. hello E. this was my first visit to your blog and i loved it! you have a brilliant style of writing. funny yet not over the top. i was compelled to go back to your previous posts :) hope to keep coming back for more.

    take care. do visit :)