The Name Game

I think our society has an unhealthy obsession with spelling children's names as oddly as possible.

Like, it's not enough to spell a name such as Ashley, just like everyone else. Instead parents use Ashlee or Ashleigh. Or for the (girl's) name Erin, they choose, Arin or Aryn or Errinn.

I am not even making this up.

Or there's the name Mikel. This could be pronounced Mick-el or Michael. No joke.

Then the children have complexes because no one says their name "correctly." Teachers can barely read through the roll sheet, let alone teach their classes.

I know you might want to be "unique" or be able to use a certain nickname.

But first of all, there are 6.7 billion people (or something like that) on the planet. You are not unique no matter what spelling you use. Second of all, half the nicknames I hear for people don't even relate to their name so why even worry about it.

Rest assured my children will have very normal names like Mildred and Georgette. (If they're girls, that is.)


  1. My name's Mayurakshi! And 70%of the people mispronounce it. I had a harrowing time too memorizing the spelling for the first time before school started. But I love my name now.

  2. Sounds like you already understand how my Uncles Bawb & Fillup feel about this subject.

  3. My name is in the dictionary, it's a birthstone, and people even mispronounce it then. But I do have to admit, my nickname as Amo, I'm not sure how close that really is to my name.